Guidance About The Places In Dubai To Visit For Budget Backpackers

Are you planning to explore one of the most expensive city on this planet? but you have a limited budget and still, want to visit Dubai and explore it with a lot of adventurous things? then you have come to the right place. Of course, Dubai is one of the most expensive city on this earth and is a very beautiful city to explore. Tourists or any other people will love to visit this city called Dubai. Dubai is an amazing city and is very beautiful with a lot of places to visit Dubai is pretty expensive and not everyone can afford to visit it or exploring it completely. People all over the world dream of visiting Dubai for once in their entire life as it is a really good city to explore and visit the adventurous places in Dubai. Dubai has a lot of places that are amazing and are good for tourists to visit and explore but again they are pretty expensive and any person that wants to visit will be needing a lot of money for exploring this whole city. Dubai currency is dirham and it is one of the top-rated currency exists on this planet. Any visitor who wants to explore the city Dubai must be needing a lot of money unless they want to visit or explore only the places that are not much expensive and are fitting in their budget. Let us tell you some places that are not much expensive and any budget backpacker visitor can explore and visit.

There are still some places in Dubai that any budget backpacker visitor can explore and can have an amazing and adventurous tour all in their budget. Following are the places that you can visit.

The Arabian desert is an amazing place to visit and is a famous place to visit. The Arabian desert has a pretty friendly nature. There are a lot of things that take place in the Arabian desert. The Desert Safari Dubai also takes place in the Arabian desert so you can also avail the desert safari and enjoy the really good activities. One more thing about why you should visit the Arabian desert is that you can avail a lot of things inside it and it is amazing that you don’t have to go on different places to enjoy the things that take place in the desert. You can enjoy sandboarding, camel rides and explore the desert completely and all this in your budget. The Arabian desert is a really good place to visit in a limited budget.


MADINAT JUMEIRAH is a very luxurious spot to visit in Dubai and it is an amazing place to visit in the limited budget. It’s a very traditional Arabic place with a lot of landscapes, statues, and gardens. It is an amazing resort with almost every facility available in this world. There are really good 5 star-rated hotels. The bars are also available for drinks and the good restaurants are also there for yummy and delicious food in your budget and there are shopping centers also available for shopping. There are much more facilities available such as a good theatre, Spas and water sports. These facilities are available for guests. Also, you can visit the place that is right next to this place. It is called Burj al Arab. If you’ve already visited the Madinat Jumeirah then you’ll have a free visit to a terrace with a good and majestic view of towering Burj al Arab, So you can take some really good shots in that amazing weather. When you’ll be exploring the Burj al Arab then you can also witness the only 7-star hotel in this world without spending any money and you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s only a walking distance away from the Burj al Arab. If you want to experience the luxurious life of Dubai then these are the great places to visit in your limited budget.

When it comes to the window shopping or even shopping then the Dubai mall is a great place to explore. The Dubai mall is the largest in the world. It is pretty luxurious and is an amazing place to explore or visit in a limited budget. You must be thinking that this mall will be a lot expensive and the things will not be in your budget but you are wrong it is a budget-wise mall with really good facilities. The Dubai mall has almost everything available in it. Its a dream of every classy shopper to visit the Dubai mall once in their life. The Dubai mall is one of the largest malls, in other words, you can say that it takes 50 football pitches to build a mall like this. There are a lot of things that you can witness inside the Dubai mall without any cost. This mall has an indoor Aquarium inside the mall houses rising all up to the third floor of the Dubai mall and this Aquarium is home to 150 species of the sea and it also has several ways to experience underwater life. There is a tunnel that goes to the underwater after a 48-meter walk. It has almost every species of sea life. Do you know what is surprising? It takes 1 whole day or more to explore the Dubai mall completely.

You can visit a lot of really good places while walking on the streets and you can also witness a lot of really expensive and luxurious places while exploring the city. You will also experience the roadside life of Dubai and will experience the luxuriousness of the city Dubai. There are a lot of guides and people that can help you explore the old places such as Jumeirah mosque and Dubai museum to know the history of these old and historic places. It surely will be interesting to know about how Dubai became a luxurious and a city of richness from the sand.

Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beach park is the most famous places in Dubai. Tourists who love beaches or beach life and want to experience the beach life of Dubai can visit the Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beach park. These both places is a really good place for budget backpackers to take advantage of. Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beach park are all free of cost and you don’t have to pay to explore these parks. You can enjoy night swimming in the night also which will be a wonderful experience for every visitor. The world-known Jumeirah beach lies along the Dubai coast and it provides the white clear sand on which you can relax and lye on, you can also play any beach sport.
Al Mamzar Park is a great place to visit without any cost and this place is also called the home to the beaches as it is a really good place with a lot of activities to do. Whether you want to go swimming or skate in the park. There is almost everything available in this Beach park.

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